Day of mourning in Albania amid deadly earthquakes in Turkey


Tirana, 13 February 2023, – In sign of solidarity with Turkey and Turkish people  Albanian authorities have declared day of mourning today (February 13) over the earthquakes of February 6 in Turkey and Syria, which killed more than 34,000 people in both countries so far, of which 31,643 in Turkey.

“The Albanian Government has decided that Monday, February 13, will be a NATIONAL MOURNING DAY as a sign of pain and prayer for the victims of the great tragedy of the earthquake on the Turkish-Syrian border, as well as a sign of solidarity with our friend Turkey, which was there for us when a similar disaster struck Albania a while ago (26 November 2019)”, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama had announced the decision of his government.

Albania, as all countries of the Western Balkans region, has sent rescue teams to Turkey to help local authorities in rescue efforts in the areas hit by powerful earthquakes.

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