Western Balkans countries to sent help to Turkey amid deadly earthquake


Sarajevo/Tirana, 06 February 2023, – Authorities of Western Balkans countries have expressed solidarity with Turkey and are preparing to send rescue and humanitarian help following today’s deadly earthquakes in the country.

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) officials said procedures are triggered to sent 50 members of civilian emergency structures to Turkey.

Albanian government also announced it will sent a rescue mission today.

Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia authorities also said they are ready to mobilize their civilian emergency units and sent them to Turkey to help local authorities in rescue efforts.

At the same time, eight EU member countries are sending rescue teams, as the European bloc activated its civilian protection mechanism, while more member countries are expected to join the efforts.

According to Turkish authorities more than 1500 people are killed and more than 9000 injured, following today’s earthquakes in southern Turkey.

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